LEGO Avengers Tower with Interior:
Top 10 Epic LEGO Star Wars Creations:
Top 10 Epic LEGO World War II Creations:

– Battle of Sokovia by SaltyLUG
– 12:25 Capt America Shield/Thor Hammer by Brandon & Tyler Walker
– 14:40 Giant Milano ship by John Boozer
– 23:14 Hydra Tank by Einon
– 27:09 Airport Battle by JJ Williams, James Ritzman and Ben Kahn
– 33:34 Helicarrier by John Bearden
– 36:44 Superhero Brick Characters by Dan Parker
– 46:08 Huge Avengers Mosaic by Allen T. Hickmon
– 48:19 Groot and Blasters by Evan Bordessa
– 52:41 Times Square Battle by Jared Rosenblitt
– 55:36 Shield/Hydra Mosaic by Richard Glatter
– 59:36 Marvel vs DC Battle by Jessica Farrell
– 1:02:33 Thanos Bust by Allen T. Hickmon
– 1:07:00 Hinkle Hammer Smash by Simon Liu

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