NEW: Now by mixing LEGO® BOOST and NINJAGO® Stormbringer the Lightning Dragon, you can create the fiercest walking, roaring dragon!

Become a skilled dragon master by using BOOST sensors and the free LEGO BOOST App to light a spark in your dragon’s eyes and really electrify your enemies. The app has all the building instructions and easy coding tricks you need to make the most of these two cool LEGO sets. Program your dragon to walk, make wild moves, and roar the socks off anyone who dares enter his realm uninvited. You can even make the sensor detect if the rider is a ninja or an enemy, and use the codable shooters to create the most epic ninja battles ever!

What will you train your dragon to do next?? Build your next robot adventure now!

Download the free LEGO BOOST App and check if your device is compatible: